A lot has changed in the trucking industry in the last few decades. There have been significant improvements in alternative fuels, automation technology, and systems to monitor deliveries and shipping in real time.

Future of trucking

While we cannot be certain what changes are on the horizon, when we look forward to the future of the trucking industry we do expect to see a changing landscape.

People take the lead

Over the last few years there has been much discussion around automated systems and driverless technology. When it comes to trucking and driving, we don’t believe that the machines will be taking over. In fact, we believe the opposite.

We believe that the future will involve greater autonomy and control for our drivers. Many drivers may find themselves in roles with increased responsibility. Whether it’s overseeing systems to increase efficiency or handling more of the logistics of their shipments, we predict that drivers will take the lead on managing their processes.

Safety improvements

Over the last few years, we have seen an increase in safety enhancements in our industry. Whether it’s vehicle-to-vehicle communication devices, sensors on the vehicle to alert the driver to potential concerns, or enhanced landing gear, the industry is constantly looking for ways to make trucking safer.

We expect to see that trucks will continue to increase the safety elements in the cab for drivers, so that if accidents do occur,more drivers will be able to walk away without incident.

We also believe that the industry will continue to improve on the sensor technology so that drivers can stay ahead of potential problems with hubs, engine failure, and brake chambers.

Industry growth

The North American economy has been in a period of relative growth while gas prices have remained relatively low. This combination has helped our industry to grow, and we believe it will continue to grow.

The trucking industry reports that 90% of final consumed goods are delivered by truck in Canada. This is a remarkably high number and, with the increase in online shopping, and expectations for speedy delivery in the minds of consumers, we believe this will help to keep the trucking industry growing.

There’s no doubt about it — it’s an exciting time to be in the trucking industry. If you’re considering a career in the trucking industry, click here to view our current job postings.