Minimax Global Solutions rime avec efficacité,  Darryl est une personne qui est toujours là pour nous aider. Réponse et service efficace à tous les points de vue. Qu elle plaisir de faire affaire avec eux! Merci et joyeuses Fêtes.
Sébastien Paquet, Répartiteur / Dispatcher, Tactik Logistique inc.
I would like to take a moment to express our appreciation for all that you guys do. We have been working with Minimax Global Solutions for more than 5 years, and we have never had a problem. Their communication and problem solving are outstanding, and I believe it is the key to there success.

We would highly recommond MX Logistics for all  your shipping needs . We look forward to work with Minimax Global Solutions for many more years.

Aj, Naagamas Transport

The Minimax Global Solutions team is attentive, supportive, and highly invested in giving their customers the best experience and service. If their partnership with Rose Rocket demonstrates anything, it is that the Minimax Global Solutions team is ahead of the game when it comes to knowing what customers of the future needs from a logistics partner.

Rose Rocket Team, TMS Provider

A great pleasure to work side by side with the amazing team at Minimax Global Solutions. Through diligent work and friendly customer service they bring a new level of service to the transport industry. Their years of experience in the business have given them the upper hand in the competitive market of LTL/TL transportation

Matthew Dawson, Senior Dispatcher – YUL

East West has worked with Minimax Global Solutions for some time now.  We have found them to be an upstanding company to do business with. Minimax Global Solutions are easy to work with and they communicate well with their partners.  It’s our pleasure to work with their dedicated team of professionals who take pride in what they do.

Rebekah deWaal, East West Express


I’ve been using the Minimax Global Solutions for a few years now and I am extremely pleased to say that Darryl Major and everyone at this firm is a consummate professional.  Customs clearance is on time and their flexibility and expertise in arranging my freight to get to our distillery in a predictable and timely manner does what every manager hopes for. I truly appreciate the support given to me by Minimax Global Solutions in taking care of my import needs. I highly recommend them for your shipping needs.

MX Logistics & Minimax Express have been taking care of our logistical needs for more than 15 years.  Albert and his team have been extremely helpful and dependable in the transport of goods to and from our facility. I rely heavily on his expertise and vast knowledge of the transportation industry to come up with solutions and honest opinions of what is required to get the job done.

J.E., Inside Sales & Logistics Manager, Bag to Earth Inc.

I have been using Minimax Global Solutions as a transportation provider since April of 2020. The best part about using Minimax Global Solutions is the service that we get along with the transparency from the portal Rose Rocket.

Darryl, Marie and Albert have improved our on-time delivery percentage and our customers are happy for it. They are also the best team to have when it comes to mistakes in our supply chain. If you’re tired of losing money on your freight not getting to where it needs to be on time with the service required, just pay for it once with Minimax Global Solutions!

Jeff Driscoll, Wholesome Goodness

La Siembra Co-operative is based in Ottawa and is the team behind the Camino brand. By partnering with farmer producers for over 20 years, Camino offers consumers high-quality, organic, and Fair Trade products including cocoa, sugar, chocolate bars, & hot chocolate mixes. Working with MX Logistics has been a huge benefit and has made it so much easier for us send our products all over Canada. Here is Liam loading some of Camino’s famous cocoa powder and hot chocolate into an Minimax Global Solutions truck.

My wife Anne and I, during the on-going COVID 19 pandemic, started a new business called O2RIDE in April 2020, importing and Distributing in Eastern Canada Electric Bicycles. We went through a few different shipping companies before we discovered MINIMAX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS / MINIMAX and since starting with them in May 2020 we’ve never looked back.  Virtually every order from Ontario to the Maritimes has been handled by these guys who are based in Cornwall, Ontario.  Service has been impeccable and always very timely in regards to Pickups at our warehouse and deliveries to our rapidly growing Dealer List.   Pricing has been very competitive in almost all cases and we’ve had zero issues with any of our shipments.  Thanks goes especially to Darryl Majors who I’ve dealt with exclusively and can’t really say enough about how pleased we have been with the Service!

Allan Jaggard & Anne Coleman, Owners of O2RIDE

I always have great service with MiniMax / Minimax Global Solutions.  Your team is always ready to pick up and delivery on any specific date we ask for.  If there are any issuses, they are quickly resolved.  So for us here at Importation Papille, your number 1.

Thank you!!!

Mary Sciortino, Customer Service, Les Importations Papille
Minimax Global Solutions est notre transporteur de choix – ils offrent des prix avantageux, un transport rapide et un excellent service à la clientèle. Nous sommes heureux de les avoir de notre côté!
John Hayes, NUWKO Concepts & Designs


Student Nutrition Programs in our Southeast Ontario region ensure that all students have daily access to breakfast, lunch and/or snacks while at school. When students eat better, they can learn better.

Student Nutrition Programs help students by: Increasing concentration and the ability to focus, decreasing negative behaviours, providing positive role models, providing a safe and welcoming environment, and the nutrition needed for optimum health.

From securing fresh and healthy food sources, to driving change through policy research and innovative programming, Feed Ontario unites food banks, industry partners, and local communities in our work to end hunger and poverty. Every $1 raised provides 3 meals to an Ontarian in need.

Rachel , Feed Ontario
Cornwall, Comedy Festival